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Marine Cadastre project: report endorsed

Posted on 25/10/16

Marine Cadastre project: report endorsed

Europe has a potential blue economy exceeding 500 billion Euros. The further growth in this sector might be supported by the set up of adequate marine cadastres that register rights like ownership titles, properties, restrictions, mortgages, encrumbrances, etc.

Started in 2014, a marine cadastre project that was carried out by five of Europe’s leading mapping, cadastre and land registry associations entitled: Marine Cadastre: State of Play in Europe, which resulted in a REPORT (revised Jan.2017 version). It gives the status of marine cadastres in Europe and highlights some strong examples in Europe (Sweden, Greece, France) and around the world including Australia and Canada. It looks at the potentials of the Blue Economy. It shares details about the UN Convention of Law on the Sea (UNCLOS) and the EU’s Integrated Marine Policy. It also gives insight into the way a Marine Cadastre could be established, based on the in depth research into the UNCLOS. The report talks about whether land registries are the best national public institutions for maintaining official marine cadastre information.

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