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Results of research on the future of EULIS

Posted on 27/10/16

Results of research on the future of EULIS

During the summer 2016, EULIS conducted a study, based on a questionnaire, that focusses on the future of EULIS and the need for a European-wide property and land information portal.

It was sent to each national cadastre, land registry and mapping agency throughout the 52 countries of Europe as well as to stakeholders such as financial institutions and universities. More than 70% of the targeted groups responded.

One of the main results is that the property and land information community in Europe definitely see a purpose for such a portal. When it comes to delivery of services and types of information, the respondents anticipate that clients will be looking for more than just legal information. Other important information products include non-legal and cadastral information and topographic information. Some respondents also mentioned tax, zoning, and historical information. Furthermore, a large percentage find bulk data on property information of interest.

Regarding the future of the EULIS organisation, the majority of respondents still see a future for EULIS, also when the new LRI-portal, currently under construction by the Commission/DG Justice, comes in operation. Among other objectives, the communication with the Commission, the bridge to user(group)s, the exchange of knowledge, the support to connecting countries and the representation of non-EU countries were mentioned most frequently. Also it became clear that annual contribution levels must be very modest, urging for a different business model to sustain the EULIS-organisation in the future. The Annual General Member meeting to be held end of March2017, will be important to take decisions on if, and if yes, how to continue the EULIS organisation.

The DETAILED REPORT gives insight into how the study was carried out and shares comprehensive conclusions and recommendations.

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