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Upcoming Annual General Member meeting 2017

Posted on 08/02/17

Upcoming Annual General Member meeting 2017

The EULIS AGM will be held on April 4-5th 2017 at the Lantmäteriet in Gävle Sweden.

It is an invitation only event.

In addition to presentations on the activities and finances, a main focus will be on the future of EULIS.

With the approval of the Land Registers Interconnection Programme of the European Commission’s DG Justice, the EULIS organisation is entering into a new era. The EULIS organisation was founded to create a European portal for online exchange of land information. DG Justice will take over this responsibility. That raises the question: “What will be the role of the EULIS organisation in the future”.

The event will start with a dinner on Tuesday, April 4th from 18.30 hrs. On Wednesday, April 5th the meeting will take place from 9.00 till 16.00 hrs.

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