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Connection story: Ireland

The Property Registration Authority became aware of the EULIS project in 2001 and, as the national source for land related information in Ireland, we were keen to find out as much as possible about the project. This proved easy through existing contacts which we had with the Registers of Scotland and the Land Registry of England and Wales in particular. We also had a number of meetings with representatives of the other founding partners and attended briefing seminars on the role and objectives of EULIS and its future direction. Following this, we were convinced that EULIS was an excellent idea which had a very good fit with the objectives of our organisation. We formally joined EULIS in November 2006 and immediately set about the task of preparing for a live service.

Our national online service had been in place since 1999 and had operated as a stable and scaleable technical platform for delivery of services to our customers. It had been built using modern web and database technology which could be readily integrated with the technical model developed for the EULIS portal. In association with our technical partners, the analysis of requirements was conducted in early 2007. In parallel with this, we also worked on the preparation of our ‘Reference Information’. The structured template provided for this purpose was very useful.

The necessary software development work was conducted as part of a wider programme of enhancements. Most of the new functionality specific to EULIS related to the billing/invoice and payments processing, including the need to cater for multiple currencies. We experienced very little difficulty during the software development stage and the technical information and assistance from the EULIS technical team was excellent. Testing commenced in July 2007 and our service went ‘live’ in September 2007.

Why did we join EULIS?

As the national land registration organisation for Ireland, the policy of the Property Registration Authority is to provide the widest possible range of online services to its customers and other stakeholders. This online customer base has broadened significantly in recent years to now include a very wide range of professional participants in Ireland’s property market including lawyers, financial institutions, law searchers, surveyors, engineers and many public and local authorities. As such, access to up to date, relevant and authoritative information on land and property is a key resource for our customers and EULIS is a unique channel which can broaden their access to such information across Europe. Indeed, participation in EULIS is one means of ensuring that those of our customers with an international trading perspective, such as Banks and other lending institutions, are not at a disadvantage vis-à-vis their international competitors.

We were also impressed with the support for EULIS provided by the European Commission and its recognition of the potential role which land and property information can play in extending and developing the single market.

We believe that membership of EULIS promotes the profile and reputation of our organisation both nationally and internationally. It also enables us to cooperate with peer organisations and to measure ourselves against international best practice in the delivery of land registration information and services.

Becoming a connected service

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Registry name: Property Registration Authority

Size of organisation:
70,280 km2 ____________________________updated: 28-10-2013

Subscribed users:
landdirect users: 15,230 approx., EULIS users: 7,350 approx.

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