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Connection story: Lithuania

Lithuanian multi-purpose system of real property cadastre and registration of objects and rights to them have been established within a relatively short period. The State Enterprise Centre of Registers, the institution delegated with this particular task, has always strived to employ all available modern organisational and technological means so as to found an efficient system guaranteeing the security of registered rights and the supply of reliable information to citizens, market players, state authorities and other governing bodies. The Centre of Registers was and still is continuously searching for the ways as to improve and enhance the quality of services rendered to potential users.

Thus when back in 2001 Lantmäteriet, Sweden, invited the Centre of Registers to join a consortium of seven European land registration services to implement the European Land Information System (EULIS) project, the offer was readily accepted. It was not only a credit to the Centre of Registers, the only institution from the Eastern Europe included in the project, to work with the Europe’s most advanced land registration services, but also a big challenge to contribute to the development of easy cross-border access to European land and property information. The EULIS project resulting in a demonstrator of electronic land information service encouraged all partners, including the Centre of Registers of Lithuania, to take an active part in the second phase of the EULIS project, the aim of which was to establish a live European Land Information Service.

Since the technical platform for delivery of services to the national professional users was already in place in Lithuanian case, using modern web and database technology, it was decided to create an English version of the Real Property Register Central Databank. The tasks at hand also included development of necessary software for adaptation of the existing service to the EULIS portal, billing/invoice and payment processing. In spring 2006 the update of the Reference Information was completed and testing of Lithuanian application commenced.

An official launch of the live EULIS service at the European Mortgage Federation’s Annual Conference in Brussels on the 22nd of November 2006 has once again proved a well-known saying – when there is a will, there is a way. The will in this particular case was called forth by the rapidly increasing demand for actual and reliable information on real property, rights to it and restrictions to its use which is of crucial importance for active market participants such banks, notaries, tax administrators, financial institutions, surveyors as well as public and other bodies.

EULIS is indeed a unique means, which guarantees access to real property information across Europe and promotes a more open and competitive European market for real properties and mortgage credit. To have been able to contribute to its establishment was an excellent opportunity for the Centre of Registers to learn from international experiences in providing information on land and other real property and apply them in practice.

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Registry details
Registry name: Valstybės įmonė Registrų centras (State Enterprise Centre of Registers, Lithuania)

Size of organisation:
65.3 thousand km2______________________________updated: 29-09-2014

Subscribed users:
12,704 professional users of the Central Databank of the Real Property Register.

Searches available:
By property identifier, by address of property or by legal entity (company), by parcel cadastral number, cadastral area, residential area, street name and coordinates or by map

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