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Becoming a connected service

It is EULIS’ mission to involve as many European land registry organisations as possible to improve transparency on land registration in Europe.

There are currently 6 land registers connected to the EULIS Service. It is the aim of those countries to encourage more land registry organisations to join and become connected.


Criteria for becoming a connected land registry:

  1. Have an online service.
  2. Provide information to and administrate professional users.
  3. Provide ‘Reference information’ about your local land registration environment.

Process for becoming a connected land registry:

  1. Contact Karen Schweigler or Rik Wouters or Gerard Leenders to arrange preliminary discussions.
  2. Ensure the organisational commitment to become part of EULIS.
  3. Set a start date for entry into EULIS and start technical build.

Features and benefits of becoming a connected land registry (from those who've experienced it first-hand):

Providing the best for customers

“It’s important to provide the widest possible range of online services to customers and other stakeholders.”

“Access to up to date, relevant and authoritative information on land and property is a key resource for our customers and EULIS is a unique channel which can broaden their access to such information across Europe.”

Improving our ourselves by working with others

“To have been able to contribute to its establishment was an excellent opportunity to learn from international experiences in providing information on land and other real property and apply them in practice.”

Making our contribution in Europe

“…impressed with the support for EULIS provided by the European Commission and its recognition of the potential role which land and property information can play in extending and developing the single market.”

“…a big challenge to contribute to the development of easy cross-border access to European land and property information.”

Visibility on the international stage

“EULIS promotes the profile and reputation of our organisation both nationally and internationally. It also enables us to cooperate with peer organisations and to measure ourselves against international best practice in the delivery of land registration information and services.”

Connection stories

Read the connection case studies written first-hand by member countries. Learn about the reasons why they connected to EULIS and how it benefits their country.

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