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Country details

Size: 83,878.99__________________________Last update: September 2014

Population: 8,507,786

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100%

Number of properties/titles registered: About 2.6 million real estates; about 10.5 million parcels.

Registry name: Bundesministerium für Justiz

Searches available:

Searching for ID of real estate/folio is possible by address of parcel, ID of parcel, map, name of owner (the last option is restricted due to privacy law and not accessible in EULIS).

Information available:

  • Data of the parcel like address, size, usage as text (list) or in form of the cadastral map showing ID of parcels, their boundaries, land cover, buildings, street names and numbers.
  • Data of the real estate like data of the owner and his/her ownership, mortgages, other encumbrances and servitudes (like right of way, usufructus), full text of documents which are the basis of these entries.
  • Data annotated at the real estate and based on administrational/public law like historic monument/building, as monument listed trees, airport zone or obligations in favour of the municipality like the obligation to erect the pavement.

Products available:

If ID of real estate/folio is known and entered into the system the actual data of the real estate is rendered as PDF file (signed electronically if asked for) or as HTML-output (then links to all stored documents/deeds are incorporated). The output can be read, stored, copied or printed. The output (excerpt) can be restricted to specific share, to specific owner or to specific parts of the folio (to shorten the amount of data or simplify the reading of the data). Historic data can be inspected electronically too (back to the time of transformation of the Land Book to IT; that is different per district court – from 1981 to 1992; older data can be found in the bound volumes used before to register the data, in some Austrian districts back to the 16th century).

The ID of a specific real property can be searched by address, by name of owner or using the cadastral map. The search by name is restricted and available only at the court and in certain cases at offices of notaries or advocates.

To inspect the cadastral map the ID of a parcel situated in the area which should be inspected has to be known. The map is rendered per cadastral municipality and can be zoomed in and out.

Subscribed users:

More than 10,000.

In Austria two basic systems exist for land administration data: The Cadastre (Kadaster) and the Land Book (Grundbuch).

The Cadastre is kept with the Surveying Offices (conducted by the Federal Agency for Survey and Metrology resorting to the Ministry of Economics) and the Land Book is kept with the Land Book Units (Grundbuchsabteilung) of the District Courts (Bezirksgerichte).

The Cadastre includes technical/factual data on parcels and buildings thereon in written as well as in graphic (map) form.

The Land Book (Grundbuch) contains any sort of legal data on real estates and buildings thereon.

Cadastre and Land Book together form a national information system, which shows real estate data in an up-to-date form.

Land Book data is granted to be correct and complete; registration in the Land Book is the only valid method of acquisition of property rights. By this, the Land Book is kept updated and any correct conveyance based on registered information is deemed to be valid.

Damages that occur due to wrong acts stated by representatives of the state are compensated according the State Liability Law (Amtshaftungsgesetz).

Generally no reliability is granted for cadastral data. For boundary disputes the district courts are competent. Since 1969, however, boundaries may be granted by the state if the boundary data is registered in the legal boundary cadastre according to a specific procedure: then the surveying offices are competent for boundary disputes, because the real estate is exactly surveyed.

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