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Country details

Size: 30,528

Population: 10,666,866

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100%

Number of properties/titles registered: 6,871,322 owners, 5,285,215 developed parcels, 4,398,285 undeveloped parcels

Number of mortgages registered: 209,973 mortgage registrations in 2008.

Registry name: Administration générale de la Documentation patrimoniale (Cadastre, Enregistrement, Domaines et Hypothèques) - Algemene Administratie van de Patrimoniumdocumentatie (Kadaster, Registratie, Domeinen en Hypotheken)

Size of organisation:

6,075 civil servants in total (as of 31 December 2008)

Searches available:

To search the Cadastre you must generally have at least the name of the municipality, the address and the policy number or the cadastral identification of the concerned real-estate.

Information available:

According to the regulations and the rates set by the king, the Patrimonial Documentation is the only organisation which is authorised to draw up and issue certificates or copies of the cadastral documents. Those regulations and rates are determined by Royal Decree of 20th September 2002 setting the payments due and the methods to apply for the issue of cadastral certificates and information.

Products available:

  • Mortgage certificate: issue of mortgage certificates under the liability of the registrar of mortgages (exclusivity) to guarantee third party opposability and mortgage registration (available on written demand to the Mortgage Registry Office)
  • Copy or extract of transcribed or registered acts to guarantee third party opposability and mortgage registration (available on written demand to the Mortgage Registry Office)
  • Issue of a document relating successive owners of a real estate during the last thirty years on basis of the available documentation (available on written demand to the Registration office)
  • Issue of property title (& other rights) certificate on written demand to the Registration office
  • Extract of cadastral documents: issue of extracts of cadastral documents by means of an application form (available online or on demand in the regional directions or in the local cadastral offices).

Subscribed users:

There is no online service. Requests for information are processed for every person who asks in adherence with privacy laws.

The general Administration of patrimonial Documentation (Cadastre, Registry, Public Property and Mortgage) is a part of the Federal Public Service of Finances.

In Belgium, the management of the patrimonial documentation is at least composite. Indeed, because of the fact that the property system is based on the person and not on the property, the numerous missions are accomplished by several services independent of each other. However, the basis documents, such as the notarial deed, that everyone takes into account in order to accomplish his specific mission, are often identical.
The System of Integrated Treatment of the Patrimonial Documentation (STIPAD) project aims at modernizing and rationalizing the methods of working.

STIPAD will integrate information existing in various branches of our Administration into one data bank: PATRIS. That single application will collect, manage, keep and issue those data while achieving all our assignments.

In the future, the integration of documentations will allow to the citizen to call at any office of the Patrimonial Documentation in order to receive information or to file documents. If several formalities have to be carried out on the basis of a single document, the citizen will deposit it only once; the system will manage all the requests held in that single document. Finally, STIPAD will offer its services on line.

In order to guarantee the respect of the privacy, the access to the database will be strictly regulated electronically; it will be determined on account of the user profile and the aim of the intervention.

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