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Country details

Size: 9,251

Population: 793,100

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 95% (The above figure is calculated through the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System which currently covers 85% of the total properties of Cyprus).

Number of properties/titles registered: Number of total registrations = 1,646,610 (condominiums) = 95,921 (Figures are calculated through the Cyprus Integrated Land Information System which currently covers 85% of the total properties of Cyprus).

Number of mortgages registered: Number of total mortgages = 142,369, Total amount mortgaged = €22,298,821,320

Registry name: The Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus

Size of organisation:

The Lands and Surveys Department operates 12 offices in Cyprus.

Information available:

Search Certificates (Law, Cap. 224 Article 51A)

The Director of the Department of Lands & Surveys may provide any ‘interested person’ with any information standing in the Land Register or in any other file or book kept with any District Lands Office.

This information is provided in the form of a certificate, called ‘search certificate’.


A search certificate is issued only after the respective application has been filed and the prescribed fees have been paid. The application is filed on Form N.50 with any District Lands Office.

Persons qualified to file an application:

  • Only an interested person or his/her agent or attorney may file an application to be issued a ‘search certificate’

‘Interested persons’ means the owner of the property, his heirs, devisees and legatees, the owner of any trees, buildings or other objects on the land which belongs to another and vice versa, the person entitled to any right or interest in the immovable property, who satisfies the Director that he is a prospective purchaser or mortgagor, the plaintiff in any action against the owner of such property, the professional valuer who may require certain information for purposes of the valuing of certain immovable property in a case relating to compulsory acquisition and includes any person not thus specified to whom the Director may specifically order that any information to be furnished.

Issue of Search Certificate

Search certificates are issued on Form N51 by the Lands Office of the District where the record or the book containing the information is kept. They are signed and stamped with the seal of the Department and delivered or posted to the applicant.

Time required for the processing of the application: 1-30 days depending on the type of information requested.

Note: At the time of filing of any application for the issue of a search certificate, all applicants are advised to produce their identity card and give the particulars of the property for which the information is requested as well as provide any documents proving that they are ‘interested persons’ (e.g. certificate of registration, certificate of death and heirs etc). Where the information requested concerns the properties of a specific person, full particulars of his name, place of origin, full address and whenever possible, his identity number should be given.

The process for the above cannot be done yet through the internet, however, this is something our Department has examined extensively and is currently in its immediate plans for e-government applications to be established.

About the Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus
The Department of Lands and Surveys (DLS), of the Ministry of Interior, is the oldest (started operations in 1858), and one of the largest departments of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. Its role and responsibility have been of immense importance, particularly in operating the Cyprus Land Registration System. The Department, as an umbrella governmental organisation, manages all major land matters of Cyprus including surveying and maintenance of the state survey infrastructure, mapping, investigation into title, registration, conveyance, valuations of property, conservation and management of State Lands, land tenure and registration of encumbrances.

The Department of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus initial and main responsibility is the registration of immovable property on the island. However, throughout the years, the Department has expanded its services and activities offered to the public, emerging into a dynamic and multifaceted organisation.

Overall, the general strategic objective of the Department has always been to establish a fixed boundary coordinated cadastral system after a systematic resurvey, the computerisation of land records/registers, cadastral plans and topographical maps, the complete development of the Land Information System, to fully support all the functions of the Department, and the staged development and implementation of a National Land Information System (N.I.L.I.S) where all agencies with land related activities can share available data for the benefit of the economy of the country.

The system of land registration is a system of Registration of Title (as distinguished from Registration of Title deeds). The legal value of registration lies between an Indefeasible Title and a Defeasible Title. A registered person is considered to be the undisputed owner of the land and his title to ownership is absolute, subject to the Director’s power to correct errors or omissions under certain circumstances, and the inherent power of the Courts to order an amendment or cancellation of a registration.

The Lands and Surveys Department operates 12 offices in Cyprus.
The Headquarters accommodate the Director and other managerial personnel, the Survey and Cartography Branches along with the Land Information Centre and they are located in Lefkosia (Nicosia).
The six District Land Offices (D.L.O’s) operate for the corresponding six districts of the island. The D.L.O’s of Keryneia and Ammochostos are located in Lefkosia and Larnaca respectively, after the enactment of a relevant Law, because the initial premises, including land registers and files were located in the areas which are not under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus since 1974.
Furthermore, to best serve the public, the D.L.O’s operate sub-offices, in the Paralimni Municipality and sometimes in the premises of the Municipality of Polis Chrysochous and the premises of the Communities of Evrichou and Agros.

About Cyprus
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia with an area of 9,251 sq. kilometres of which 1,733 are forested. It has a maximum length of 240 kms from east to west and a maximum width of 100 kms from north to south.

It is situated at the north-eastern end of the East Mediterranean basin at a distance of 380 kms north of Egypt, 105 kms west of Syria and 75kms south of Turkey. The Greek mainland is some 800 kms to the west. The nearest Greek islands are Rhodes and Carpathos, 380 kms to the west.

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