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Czech Republic

Country details

Size: 78,866 km2 _____________________________updated: 17-11-2015

Population: 10,538,275 inhabitants

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100 %

Number of properties/titles registered: 23,081,258 parcels; 4,024,887 buildings; 1,908,613 units (flats and other units); number of ownership folios 6,124,625

Number of mortgages registered: Unknown

Registry name: ISKN - Český úřad zeměměřický a katastrální

Size of organisation:

Approx. 4,500 employees in 97 cadastral branch offices (the whole branch of ČÚZK 5,100 employees)

Searches available:

Name (title holder), number of ownership folio, parcel number, building number in one cadastral district, cadastral map.

Information available:

Registered owner, mortgages, legal rights, encumbrances.

Products available:

Extract from the cadastre of real estate containing information on the owner, on the property (parcel, building and flat), depiction in the map.

Subscribed users:

Nearly 23 000 in 2014

The given data are valid for 31.12.2014

Registry contact details

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