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Country details

Size: 45,277 sq km ____________________________updated: 24-11-2014

Population: 1.315 million (approx)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: Land Board (Land Cadastre) = 84.2%. Land Register = 62% of total land (state land is not registered)

Number of properties/titles registered: Around 985,00 registered parts (as of September 30, 2014)

Number of mortgages registered: Over 300,000 mortgages registered (as of September 30, 2014)

Registry name: Kinnistusraamat (Land Register)

Size of organisation:

Centre of Registers and Information Systems, 200 employees (approx)

Searches available:

Searches can be made using: •Registration number; •Owner´s data •Address

Information available:

Information in the register includes:
• Cadastral information – address, area, purpose of use
• Ownership relation
• Encumbrances, restrictions, rights of use, other notations
• Mortgages

Products available:

RIK offers information services and on-line services based on the database of the Land Register.
Channels available for obtaining land register information include:
• a web-based enquiry system :
• integrated data exchange (XML services and services by x-road)
• information service – info line Tel: +372 900 1010, Email:

Subscribed users:

•Contractual users – 15,800 (approx) •Ordinary users–all others who can make searches without contract using internet banking

The Estonian Land Register is a title based electronic register. The right has to be entered in the land register to be valid. Entries made in the land register are presumed correct.
The land register is accessible online and all register parts are valid electronically.
Estonian registers change information electronically using the government information system X-Road.
In the Estonian conveyancing process notaries send through e-Notary applications to the land registry and receive back the data of finished entries or detailed information about register parts. In addition to the connection with the notary system, the land register has electronic online data exchange with registers like land cadastre, the business register and the population register. : More information on e-Land register

Registry contact details

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