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Country details

Size: 69,700 km2______________________________ Last update: September 2016

Population: 4,935,880

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 65% (approx.) including 26,000 km2 forestry fund

Number of properties/titles registered: 2,950,000 / 1,256,000 titles

Number of mortgages registered: 192 487

Registry name: National Agency of Public Registry Ministry of Justice of Georgia

Size of organisation:

1300 staff

Searches available: – search by attribute data; – search by spatial location

Information available:

Land register information
• Rights of ownership
• Owner(s)
• Deeds
• Mortgages
• Restrictions

Cadastral information – Land parcels, Buildings, Line objects (pipelines, electricity lines, etc.), Servitudes.
• Size of land
• Land Use (Agricultural, Non-agricultural)
• Location
• Cadastral maps
• Ariel orthophotos.

Products available:

Extract from the land register and cadastre maps from Cadastre
All kind of lists are available online.

Subscribed users:

3500 (approx.)

Registry contact details

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