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Country details

Size: 70,280 km2 ____________________________updated: 28-10-2013

Population: 4.3 million (approx)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 95% of land mass registered

Number of properties/titles registered: Over 88% of all legal titles are registered (91% of registered titles are freehold, 9% are leasehold). This represents almost 2.8 million registered parcels.

Registry name: Property Registration Authority

Size of organisation:

523 staff. 5 offices: 3 in Dublin, 1 in Waterford, 1 in Roscommon

Searches available:

Search by address, search by navigating the online map, search by selecting a map area, search by inputting map coordinates

Information available:

‘Folio’ document describes the property and identifies it by reference to the national digital map, type of tenure (freehold or leasehold), name and address of registered owner, nature of legal title, details of legal burdens and encumbrances including mortgages, rights of way and other legal rights affecting the property.

Products available:

A number of products may be ordered online including Title Plan, Area Search and Official Map Search.

Separate landdirect service available for non-account holders with payment by credit/debit card

Subscribed users:

landdirect users: 15,230 approx., EULIS users: 7,350 approx.

The current system of land registration in operation in Ireland was established in 1892. The system, based on an ‘open’ register underpinned by a State-guarantee, was designed to gradually replace a registration of deeds system which had been in operation since 1707. Since its introduction, the programme of land registration in Ireland has been both extensive and very successful and almost 2.8 million land parcels, representing approximately 95% of all property in the country, are now registered in the Land Registry.

Land registration in Ireland is under the control of the Property Registration Authority (PRA) – a new organisation established on 4th November 2006. The name of the organisation in the Irish language is An tÚdarás Clárúcháin Maoine.

The PRA is a statutory body whose members are representative of the main users and consumers of property registration services in Ireland. The function of the PRA is to provide a secure, reliable and effective legal system for registering transactions relating to property and so enable property and related financial transactions to take place with confidence. One of the key objectives of the PRA is to advance the completion of the land register to cover the outstanding titles currently outside the registration of title system.

In Ireland, delivery of Land Registry services over the Internet commenced in 1999, resulting in direct customer access to the organisation’s database of computerised title records (known as ‘folios’). Since then, the range of online services has expanded significantly and all electronic services, including access to EULIS, are now delivered through a Web portal known as

Since the introduction of the Digital Mapping project (the digitisation of every registered land parcel in Ireland) in 2005, the underlying digital mapping system has supported an array of new services, facilitating both national and EULIS customers to conveniently and speedily access land parcel details from the Irish land register. As of the 1st August 2010 the Property Registration Authority has now completed its digitisation programme and has a fully electronic register.

Another major project is the development of online registration (eRegistration) facilities. This project is, itself, an integral part of Ireland’s national Electronic Conveyancing project. The PRA, in conjunction with other key stakeholders such as the legal profession, the Law Reform Commission, the lending institutions and several Government organisations, has been working on eConveyancing and eRegistration for a number of years. The first two elements of the eRegistration programme (eDischarges and eCharging Orders) have gone live and the organisation is actively working on the next phase of this programme under which it is intended to implement eCharges, eTransfers, eTransmissions on Death and ePriority Notices between 2014 and 2015.

These developments will contribute to significant improvements in efficiency and productivity while preserving and safeguarding the land register. They are also of strategic importance in enabling the PRA to provide a completely integrated system to support land registration in Ireland and to provide greatly enhanced services to our customers.

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