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Country details

Size: 10908 km2 ___________________________updated: 26-11-2013

Population: 1,8 Million

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100 %

Number of properties/titles registered: 2 Million parcels ; 475,000 owners

Number of mortgages registered: 35,000

Registry name: Kosovo cadastral Land Information System - KCLIS

Size of organisation:

65 employees

Searches available:

Kosovo Geoportal –

Information available:

The Kosovo Geoportal contains Ortofotos, topographic map, address names and roads (as per the procedures, Kosovo geoportal contains those new names and addresses approved by the Municipal Assembles) , urban and suburban roads, cadastral zones, municipal boundaries, railway, etc.

Products available:


Subscribed users:

Since GP is new product, up to now there are more than 50 registered users, mainly those involved in the creation of

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