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Country details

Size: 64.562 kmĀ² __________________________Last update: August 2013

Population: 2.24 million (January, 2013)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: Per cent of buildings, land parcels and encumbrances: 96 % of buildings, 100 % of land parcels and 32,7 % of encumbrances.

Registry name: State Land Service (provided system is called: National Real Estate Cadastre Information System).

Size of organisation:

State Land Service: State Land Service employs 755 people and consists of head office and five Regional Offices. Regional Offices comprises thirteen offices, which provide customer service in twenty eight customer service centers.

Information available:

State Land Service
State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia data distribution portal ( is developed to ensure that every person can have an on-line access to textual and spatial data of Cadastre Information System and in State Address Register. The portal has Public and Authorized access areas. Data in publicly-accessible area of the distribution portal is free of charge, if a customer wants to receive detailed information from portal he must sign a contract with State Land Service, and then it will be a paid service.
Customers can browse and print out information

Products available:

State Land Service: in total, SLS provides 82 services, 13 out of them are E-services.

Subscribed users:

State Land Service: 916 registered users.

Registry contact details

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