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Country details

Size: Republic of Macedonia is 25,436 km2_______________ Last update: October 2015

Population: According to the data from the last Census in 2002, the Republic of Macedonia had 2 022 547 inhabitants

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100% of territory of Republic of Macedonia is covered with real estate cadastre.

Number of properties/titles registered: 1 710 906

Number of mortgages registered: 71 304

Registry name: Agency for Real Estate Cadastre , Republic of Macedonia

Size of organisation:

In June 2015, the total number of employees of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre was 931.

Searches available: ;;

Information available:

The following services are available at the Agency’s web site
• Browse the property list by address
• Browse by Property List / cadastral parcel
• Check the status of the application submitted to the front desks in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia

Following information can be obtained from the web portal
• on the property registered in the cadastre on its geolocation, as well as data from the property list (without data on the encumbrances and limitations).
• graphic data: a layer of topographic maps at a scale 1:25000 in raster format, which provides 3D visualization of the terrain with the effect of shading;
• a conditional registration layer – buildings under construction that have been recorded in the REC, provided by the graphic view of the parcels on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia which have been conditionaly registered in the REC, as well as information from the conditional registration list;
• a layer of cadastral parcels that have remained with unregistered rights in the proceedings of the presentation for public inspection during the systematic registration;
• a layer with state owned forest land and privately owned forest land;
• a layer – point of interest (for all REC departments and the Headquarters, and all notaries, municipalities and geodetic companies);
• a layer of cadastral maps obtained in the Digitalization project;
• Sales Price Registry;

Data and the web-services (CSW-search, WMS-browse и WFS-download) which refer to: the state borderline, statistical regions, local self-government units, populated areas and the digital terrain model. Besides the published data which are produced according to the national standards, at the geo-portal are also available standardized data for administrative units and the digital elevation model, produced according to the technical specifications which result from the INSPIRE Directive can be obtain from the web portal

Products available:

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre can disseminate data from GCIS electronically and through other state agencies, public authorities and other legal entities. The management of the data is performed from the single central database which is under the authority of AREC.

Type of data issued by the real estate cadastre: property list, property list for infrastructure objects, conditional registration list of a construction, conditional registration list, conditional registration list for infrastructure objects, certificate for historical overview of the completed registrations, a certificate for historical overview of the completed registrations of the value of properties, list of indications for cadastral parcels, cadastral map extract, map extract for infrastructure objects, data on the value of the property other data arising from the real estate cadastre.

Subscribed users:

64 users ( mainly professional users) are registered on the ;

The Agency for Real Estate Cadastre is responsible for managing the Geodetic – Cadastral Information System (GCIS) which contains spatial and descriptive data from the REC ( real estate cadastre), the basic geodetic works, the real estate survey, the state borderline, the geodetic works for special purposes, the value of properties, the topographic maps, the Spatial Units Register, the graphic register of streets and house numbers and the graphic register of construction land.

The mission of the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre is to provide electronic, efficient and secure user access to data from the GCIS as the body responsible for the maintenance of the real estate cadastre, management of the geodetic cadastral information system, as well as for the establishment, maintenance and enabling public access to the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, aiming to gradually convert to complete self-financing.

E-Kat Lite application allows requests, applications and documents for changes in the real estate cadastre to be submitted by the users electronically.
E-Kat Lite (‘e-Front Desk’) has 700 active external (largely professional) users and the percentage of digital submissions is risen again so that now about 40 percent of all submissions received by AREC are digital

1856 users are registered on the

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