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Country details

Size: 78,772 km2 _______________________________________updated 11-05-2016

Population: 5,144,200 (mid-2007 estimate)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 16.5% of landmass is on the Land Register with 53.5% of titles as at January 2009. The Land Register is replacing the Register of Sasines which is a register of deeds. Properties transfer to the Land Register when they are next sold for value.

Number of properties/titles registered: 1,360,941 recorded in the Land Register as at January 2009.

Registry name: Registers of Scotland

Size of organisation:

Average of 1,407 staff (2007-2008). Two offices and two customer service centres.

Searches available:

Registers Direct - property search by name, address, title number or search sheet number.

Information available:

The Title Registers contain details of tenure, property description, proprietor name(s), consideration (price paid), registered charges (mortgages), wayleaves or burdens and dates of transaction.
The Land Register titles are underpinned by an ordnance survey based title plan.

Products available:

Official copies or views of the Registers including title plans and copy deeds.

Subscribed users:

Over 18,300 subscribe to Registers Direct (online searching system).

It may be fairly claimed that Scotland was the first country to establish a national system of registration giving rights to the public rather than particular groups. Registers were kept in Edinburgh Castle from approximately the 13th century until the Register of Sasines, a national public register of deeds, was created by an Act of the Scots Parliament in 1617.

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