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Country details

Size: 88, 361

Population: 7.5 million (excluding Kosovo and Metohija)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100%

Number of properties/titles registered: 20.9 million parcels

Number of mortgages registered: 496,591 registered mortgages in the Central Mortgage Register.

Registry name: Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA)

Size of organisation:

2,400 employees, 10 regional offices, 164 local offices.

Information available:

  • Property description for parcel, building, apartments (cadastral number, area, purpose of use, cadastral land classification, cadastral income …)
  • name and address of registered owner
  • legal rights
  • legal burdens
  • encumbrances including mortgages.

Products available:

Issue of extracts of cadastral documents from the existing register are available on users’ demand in the local cadastral offices and on central level.

Central Mortgage Register is a unique public central database where mortgages entered in the authorised real estate registers are registered, for the purpose of collecting and searching mortgage data via Internet. The Central Mortgage Register is kept by Republic Geodetic Authority.

Republic Geodetic Authority is developing a web service (KNweb) for search and view information on the digital cadastral map, property textual data from real estate cadastre and land cadastre, administrative units, address register and ortophoto.

Subscribed users:

176 subscribed users for web services. Requests for information processed for every user according to regulations and price list

There still exist three types of registers which cover the entire territory of Serbia.
1. Real estate cadastre is under competence of Republic Geodetic Authority in the matters of property registration and of other real rights.
Real estate cadastre is established in all cadastral municipalities.

The Vision of Republic Geodetic Authority
The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) provides the foundation for state security of real estate ownership and property rights with function of the “public register” with private and public rights documentation.The Republic Geodetic Authority is a competent institution for production, maintenance and distribution of georeference/geospatial data on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and it takes over the leadership in the national geoinformation policy development.The Republic Geodetic Authority provides the public service in favor of our state, society and citizens. This institution is permanently harmonising the quality of data, work and services with the international standards and norms, acts efficiently and is directed towards citizens and responsible regarding the public assets.

Strategic Objectives of Republic Geodetic Authority
The Republic Geodetic Authority performs professional and administrative works in the following areas:

  • Real Estate Cadastre
  • Utilities Cadastre
  • State Reference System
  • Geodetic Survey
  • AGROS – Active geodetic reference network of Serbia
  • Cartography, Publishing, Mass property valuation
  • Maintenance of the State border.

As the basic component of e-government strategy of the Republic of Serbia, RGA is in charge of basic geospatial data issues, including establishing and maintenance of geospatial database and providing of e-services for access to the information within given fields.

Basic Elements of Legal Infrastructure
RGA aims to improve existing services to achieve:
Alignment between the registered legal state and noted state, maximum reliability of the registration performed, possibility to perform registration of each founded application, fast processing of each application for registration possibility, regular monitoring of need for new types of registration (as the real estate market requests), possibility to issue documents, confirmations, verifications and other products using information technology, possibility of browsing the property and user register, as well as registered encumbrances via Internet, keeping and browsing of central mortgage register with the option of selective browsing according to the pre-agreed frame, option of reporting the real estate value increase using the electronic means, digital collection of document with option of browsing for certain users, open internet line for complains and new suggestions in organizational and content sense.

Aims of RGA
Establishment of the real estate cadastre on the whole territory of Serbia, production of a unique software information system with efficient services for all via Internet or Intranet, vectorisation of the existing analogous cadastral maps, updating and keeping reliable real estate title register, solved title issues in order to coordinate the situation in the real estate market and initiate its development. Real estate title register supports the development of real estate market in the sense of providing necessary data about the real estates and about title registration. Big demand for real estate register is initiated by rapid development of real estate market and even larger number of citizens’ claims for mortgage loans.

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