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Country details

Size: 20.273

Population: 2 million (approx.)

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 99.43%

Number of properties/titles registered: Number of properties registered = 5,691,500, Number of titles registered = 3,135,000

Number of mortgages registered: Number of mortgages registered = 124,000 (approx.)

Registry name: The Land Registry (Zemljiska knjiga)

Size of organisation:

250 staff (approx.)

Searches available:

Searches available either by number of the land parcel(s) or by the number of the land registry file.

Information available:

Information available includes data on real estate, rights in respect of real estate, beneficiaries of those rights and legal facts entered in the main registry.

A land registry file consists of record sheets A, B and C. Data on real estate is entered on the record sheet A of the land register and is also called the ‘property sheet’. The sheet contains a description of real estate and changes to real estate and removals and additions of real estate to a land registry file. Facts and rights which have an influence on legal transactions with real estate entered in the A sheet (for example, indication of easement in dominant plots) are also recorded and indicated.

Proprietary data is entered in record sheet B, or ‘proprietary sheet’ of the land register. Besides data on the owner, this sheet also contains facts which have an influence on the beneficiary of the right entered in sheet B and which have an influence on his or hers disposal with real estate.

Encumbrance(s) on real estate is entered in record sheet C ‘encumbrance sheet’. It is divided into sheet Cl, in which rights for the benefit of third parties including easement (personal easement), the right of encumbrance, the right to lease or rent, the right of pre-emption or redemption, the right to prohibit alienation or encumbrance, etc. Other entries, for example a real easement, are entered on sheet C2, while a lien (mortgage) is entered on sheet C3.

All three C sheets also contain facts which have an influence on legal transactions of real estate and refer to the beneficiaries of rights entered on sheet B.

Products available:

Printed copies from land register, historical print-outs from the land register and verified print-outs from the land register.

Subscribed users:

Active users = 250 (approx.) Other users from the Courts = 1,500 (approx.) Other users from public administration = 3,550 (appro

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