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Country details

Size: 505,957 _________________________________updated: 09-09-2014

Population: 46,727,890 people (Dec. 2013 data).

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: No data available as registration is not compulsory.

Number of properties/titles registered: During 2013, 689,875 property transfers were registered; 331,261 of them were backed by a mortgage. (Dec. 2013 data)

Number of mortgages registered: The total amount of capital due is 772,512,000,000 Euros (Dec. 2013 data).

Registry name: Colegio de Registradores de la Propiedad, Mercantiles y de Bienes Muebles de España.

Size of organisation:

The Land Registry of Spain comprises Land Registry offices which are spread all over the country (in total 1,086). The Colegio de Registradores is also responsible for Commerce Registry offices (there are 67 offices).

Searches available:

Registry data, unique property identifier, owner or other data for a Simple note, owner for a Location note, registry data or unique property identifier for a Certification, registry data for a Graphic note.

Information available:

Simple note: is a succinct extract of the entry’s contents concerning the property. It identifies the property, the owner or owners of the registered rights pertaining to the property, and the breadth, nature and limitations of those rights. It also states any prohibitions or restrictions binding the registered owners or rights. A simple note is for your information only and is not used as court evidence.

Graphic note: is an orthophoto, an aerial photograph of the property. It is delivered usually with the simple note.

Location note: provides information of a merely instrumental nature. Its objective is to make it easier to locate the registry, province and town or city where a given person has registered property or rights. You can search by entering the particulars of the owner you want to know about.

Certification: is a wider extract of the entries concerning the property or right(s) and so it can fill several pages. It is always signed by the land register responsible for the information. It is used as evidence before the courts. When delivered through the Internet it is digitally signed.

Products available:

There are four main products available: Simple note, Graphic note, Location note and Certification. See Information available for further details.

Subscribed users:

116,000 subscribed users.

As described above Spain is 505,957 square kilometers in total of which 493,486 square kilometers are continental; 4,992 square kilometers constitute the Balearic islands and 7,447 square kilometers the Canary Islands. Also one must take the north of Africa in account including the Spanish cities of Ceuta with 18 square kilometers and Melilla with 14 square kilometers.

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