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Country details

Size: 449,964

Population: 9.1 million (approx) ------------------------------------Last updated September 2016

Registration coverage

Percentage of area registered: 100% of land mass registered.

Number of properties/titles registered: 100% of titles registered.

Number of mortgages registered: 3.1 million registered properties valued at 360 billion euro.

Registry name: Lantmateriet

Size of organisation:

2400 staff. 90 offices.

Searches available:

Search by address, search by property designation, search by inputting map coordinates, search by organisation number (companies).

Information available:

Description of property, digital index map, address of property, name and address of registered owner, title, type of conveyance and purchase price, details of legal burdens and encumbrances including mortgages, official and private legal rights affecting the property, land regulations and plans, ancient monuments concerned, taxation information as type of property, buildings and value.

Products available:

A number of products may be ordered online including various selections from above.

Subscribed users:

Approx. 30,000

Lantmäteriet´s mission is to manage the Swedish cadastral system and promote the rational subdivision of land, and to be responsible for the efficient provision of basic geographic and land information.

Our mission also includes:- Responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of the Swedish national, fundamental geodetic networks and for the provision of the technical infrastructure for surveying activities including satellite-based positioning and navigation. – Promoting an appropriate and careful handling of place names and formally approving place names. – Carrying out development activities within Lantmäteriet´s fields of activity and doing geodetic research. – Providing repayment services. – Lantmäteriet produces databases containing geographic information and maps. We also carry out real property formation and provide information about Sweden´s 3.2 million real property units.

Lantmäteriet provides professional services for the development and use of geographic information techniques.Lantmäteriet also provides a wide and diverse range of products including geographic information, land and real property information, real property formation services and geographic information techniques. In an international perspective this combination is unique.

Lantmäteriet is environmentally certificated and respect for the environment is an inherent component in all of our activities.

The scope of our international activities is successively increasing. We are engaged in European co-operation projects, which are aimed at facilitating the efficient exchange of geographic and land information between countries. We also participate in the activities of a number of United Nations organisations, which provide support to developing countries in their efforts to develop modern systems for managing cadastral information. Through Swedesurvey AB (new window), Lantmäteriet exports its services and products to around 30 countries.

Our vision – Lantmäteriet should contribute to an efficient and sustainable use of real estate and land and water resources both in Sweden and internationally. – Lantmäteriet´s services will be widely recognised as being easy to obtain – in time and place – and always of high quality and reliable. – Lantmäteriet´s activities will be profitable and can be carried out under conditions that make growth and the development of new products and services possible.

Lantmäteriet´s annual turnover is approximately SEK 1 500 million.

Our clients
Our clients are in central and local government sectors, in the private sector and amongst the general public. The Defence Authorities, the National Rail Administration, the National Road Administration, the National Environmental Protection Agency and Handelsbanken are Lantmäteriet´s major clients.

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