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Searching for ID of real estate/folio is possible by address of parcel, ID of parcel, map, name of owner (the last option is restricted due to privacy law and not accessible in EULIS).
  • Data of the parcel like address, size, usage as text (list) or in form of the cadastral map showing ID of parcels, their boundaries, land cover, buildings, street names and numbers.
  • Data of the real estate like data of the owner and his/her ownership, mortgages, other encumbrances and servitudes (like right of way, usufructus), full text of documents which are the basis of these entries.
  • Data annotated at the real estate and based on administrational/public law like historic monument/building, as monument listed trees, airport zone or obligations in favour of the municipality like the obligation to erect the pavement.

Extract from Austrian district court (printout of the ‘folio’ document or of the digital cadastral map) = €9
Through EULIS the extract (‘folio’ document or search result) costs €0.28 for every ten lines of data (e.g. 20 lines cost €0.56, 21 lines cost €0.84)


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Czech Republic

Name (title holder), number of ownership folio, parcel number, building number in one cadastral district, cadastral map.

Registered owner, mortgages, legal rights, encumbrances.


England and Wales

Property search through EULIS is available by title number, address and postcode.

Title register containing details of tenure (i.e. freehold, leasehold), property description, registered proprietor, price paid for most properties registered after 1 April 2002, registered charges (mortgages), beneficial and subjective easements (rights of way, drainage etc), and restrictive covenants which burden the land.
Title plan based on the Ordnance Survey map shows the registered title extent and any references to entries as referred to in the title register.


Searches can be made using: •Registration number; •Owner´s data •Address

Information in the register includes:
• Cadastral information – address, area, purpose of use
• Ownership relation
• Encumbrances, restrictions, rights of use, other notations
• Mortgages


Search on map, by register unit identifier or name, address, enterprise identifier.

Ownership, title, mortgages and encumbrances, leasehold, easements, land survey information, information on completed property purchases and some building information. On line use permit can be granted to officials and business users.


Georgia – search by attribute data; – search by spatial location

Land register information
• Rights of ownership
• Owner(s)
• Deeds
• Mortgages
• Restrictions

Cadastral information – Land parcels, Buildings, Line objects (pipelines, electricity lines, etc.), Servitudes.
• Size of land
• Land Use (Agricultural, Non-agricultural)
• Location
• Cadastral maps
• Ariel orthophotos.




Search by address, search by navigating the online map, search by selecting a map area, search by inputting map coordinates

‘Folio’ document describes the property and identifies it by reference to the national digital map, type of tenure (freehold or leasehold), name and address of registered owner, nature of legal title, details of legal burdens and encumbrances including mortgages, rights of way and other legal rights affecting the property.


Kosovo Geoportal –

The Kosovo Geoportal contains Ortofotos, topographic map, address names and roads (as per the procedures, Kosovo geoportal contains those new names and addresses approved by the Municipal Assembles) , urban and suburban roads, cadastral zones, municipal boundaries, railway, etc.


State Land Service
State Land Service of the Republic of Latvia data distribution portal ( is developed to ensure that every person can have an on-line access to textual and spatial data of Cadastre Information System and in State Address Register. The portal has Public and Authorized access areas. Data in publicly-accessible area of the distribution portal is free of charge, if a customer wants to receive detailed information from portal he must sign a contract with State Land Service, and then it will be a paid service.
Customers can browse and print out information



By property identifier, by address of property or by legal entity (company), by parcel cadastral number, cadastral area, residential area, street name and coordinates or by map

For professional users:

Information on the entry in the Real Property Register, real property objects (land parcel, building, apartments, premises, engineering utilities, etc.) with cadastral information (purpose of use, unique and cadastral number, area, type of surveying, average market value, coordinates, etc.), information on ownership, legal facts (sale-purchase contract, gift contract, lease contract, mortgage, etc.), other real rights (servitude, usufruct, etc.), notices, special use conditions, formation of the object, remarks and references of the Register.

For all users:
Register number, object name, unique number, address

Per search in the databank = 1.00 LTL / €0.29

Displaying an excerpt from the Register on the screen (information transferred from the Central Databank to the user) = 2.00 LTL / €0.58

Displaying an extract of the cadastre map of the land parcel (information is transferred from the Central Databank to the user) = 2.00 LTL / €0.58
Displaying an extract of the cadastre map with the real property objects on the screen, when searching using the following functions at = 0.20 LTL / €0.06 per action:

  • performing all searches of the real property object on the cadastre map;
  • moving the map from side to side or up and down;
  • zooming in and out;
  • displaying orthophoto map.


Macedonia ;;

The following services are available at the Agency’s web site
• Browse the property list by address
• Browse by Property List / cadastral parcel
• Check the status of the application submitted to the front desks in the Agency for Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Macedonia

Following information can be obtained from the web portal
• on the property registered in the cadastre on its geolocation, as well as data from the property list (without data on the encumbrances and limitations).
• graphic data: a layer of topographic maps at a scale 1:25000 in raster format, which provides 3D visualization of the terrain with the effect of shading;
• a conditional registration layer – buildings under construction that have been recorded in the REC, provided by the graphic view of the parcels on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia which have been conditionaly registered in the REC, as well as information from the conditional registration list;
• a layer of cadastral parcels that have remained with unregistered rights in the proceedings of the presentation for public inspection during the systematic registration;
• a layer with state owned forest land and privately owned forest land;
• a layer – point of interest (for all REC departments and the Headquarters, and all notaries, municipalities and geodetic companies);
• a layer of cadastral maps obtained in the Digitalization project;
• Sales Price Registry;

Data and the web-services (CSW-search, WMS-browse и WFS-download) which refer to: the state borderline, statistical regions, local self-government units, populated areas and the digital terrain model. Besides the published data which are produced according to the national standards, at the geo-portal are also available standardized data for administrative units and the digital elevation model, produced according to the technical specifications which result from the INSPIRE Directive can be obtain from the web portal


Searches regarding property, persons and wills

Information regarding Registered Land, Hypothecs on Land, Dealings on Land etc…




Subscribed users can search for a property through EULIS by owner, address, post code, land registry code, map of the Netherlands, place map. Non-subscribed users can search information through EULIS by address or postal code. (Only Y/N answer)

General real property information containing: Parcel identifier, size, address, description, type of ownership, owners involved and their addresses and partner relationships, reference to the register unit identifier(s). This is the actual information in the database, open to public access immediately after updating.

Extract from Kadaster This product contains the same content as the general real property information. This is the authenticated information guaranteed by the Kadaster for a moment in time, three to five working days earlier.

General mortgage information containing: Parcel identifier, size, type of ownership, mortgagee(s), mortgagor(s) and their addresses, amount of the mortgage, charges, seizures, reference to the register unit identifier(s). This is the actual information in the database, open to public access immediately after updating.

Extract from mortgage This product contains the same content as the general mortgage information. This is the authenticated information guaranteed by the Kadaster for a moment in time, three to five working days earlier.

Extract from Land Registry on real property/ Extract from mortgages and encumbrances/ Extract from Cadastral map = € 2,80 (inclusive of VAT)

Northern Ireland


Name (title holder), address, property ID, map

Registered owner, mortgages, rights, easements, leasehold.




San Marino


Registers Direct - property search by name, address, title number or search sheet number.

The Title Registers contain details of tenure, property description, proprietor name(s), consideration (price paid), registered charges (mortgages), wayleaves or burdens and dates of transaction.
The Land Register titles are underpinned by an ordnance survey based title plan.

Slovak Republic

Searches are possible by owner, parcels, buildings, apartments, non-flat spaces, ownership documents or information on cadastral proceeding.
  • Registered owners, parcels, constructions, apartments, non-flat spaces, ownership documents, mortgages, legal rights, encumbrances.
  • View cadastral map.
  • Register of municipalities/cadastral districts.
  • Statistical reports (presented by selecting variables such as regions, districts, municipalities, cadastral districts, area, numer of parcels, owners, buildings etc)
  • Information on cadastral proceedings.


Searches available either by number of the land parcel(s) or by the number of the land registry file.

Information available includes data on real estate, rights in respect of real estate, beneficiaries of those rights and legal facts entered in the main registry.

A land registry file consists of record sheets A, B and C. Data on real estate is entered on the record sheet A of the land register and is also called the ‘property sheet’. The sheet contains a description of real estate and changes to real estate and removals and additions of real estate to a land registry file. Facts and rights which have an influence on legal transactions with real estate entered in the A sheet (for example, indication of easement in dominant plots) are also recorded and indicated.

Proprietary data is entered in record sheet B, or ‘proprietary sheet’ of the land register. Besides data on the owner, this sheet also contains facts which have an influence on the beneficiary of the right entered in sheet B and which have an influence on his or hers disposal with real estate.

Encumbrance(s) on real estate is entered in record sheet C ‘encumbrance sheet’. It is divided into sheet Cl, in which rights for the benefit of third parties including easement (personal easement), the right of encumbrance, the right to lease or rent, the right of pre-emption or redemption, the right to prohibit alienation or encumbrance, etc. Other entries, for example a real easement, are entered on sheet C2, while a lien (mortgage) is entered on sheet C3.

All three C sheets also contain facts which have an influence on legal transactions of real estate and refer to the beneficiaries of rights entered on sheet B.


Registry data, unique property identifier, owner or other data for a Simple note, owner for a Location note, registry data or unique property identifier for a Certification, registry data for a Graphic note.

Simple note: is a succinct extract of the entry’s contents concerning the property. It identifies the property, the owner or owners of the registered rights pertaining to the property, and the breadth, nature and limitations of those rights. It also states any prohibitions or restrictions binding the registered owners or rights. A simple note is for your information only and is not used as court evidence.

Graphic note: is an orthophoto, an aerial photograph of the property. It is delivered usually with the simple note.

Location note: provides information of a merely instrumental nature. Its objective is to make it easier to locate the registry, province and town or city where a given person has registered property or rights. You can search by entering the particulars of the owner you want to know about.

Certification: is a wider extract of the entries concerning the property or right(s) and so it can fill several pages. It is always signed by the land register responsible for the information. It is used as evidence before the courts. When delivered through the Internet it is digitally signed.


Search by address, search by property designation, search by inputting map coordinates, search by organisation number (companies).

Description of property, digital index map, address of property, name and address of registered owner, title, type of conveyance and purchase price, details of legal burdens and encumbrances including mortgages, official and private legal rights affecting the property, land regulations and plans, ancient monuments concerned, taxation information as type of property, buildings and value.




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