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Conditions of use

EULIS has conditions of use for the service, downloadable below. In addition national conditions, specific to the country you wish to search in, can be found in the live service reference information.

Download EULIS conditions of use pdf file

Using the service

If you are a legal professional or work for a financial institution, estate agency, enforcement agency, government or credit agency, you may have a need for land registry information to assist you in your day-to-day work life.

Sign up via your national land registry to use the service.


The service is particularly useful for:

Depending on the nature of the business, EULIS can help with various tasks where land registration information could be mandatory or useful. Some scenarios where EULIS could be used include:

Second home searches

Europe is becoming smaller because it is easier to travel, live and work across borders. EULIS makes it possible for solicitors and estate agents to check out property and land in other countries for their clients, paving the way for second home purchases.

Business acquisition

International business can mean the need to operate in foreign countries. EULIS gives the opportunity to investigate premises and land on behalf of companies to find appropriate overseas operations.

Credit checks

Risk assessment is required when citizens request credit or other financial commitments. Assets such as land and property can be used to safeguard this commitment and EULIS can be used to confirm ownership by lending institutions such as banks.

Benefits and features

We see the EULIS initiative as complimentary to and an important component of Eurogeographic’s vision and look forward to a close working relationship in achieving our mutual ambition.

Dave Lovell, Executive Director, Eurogeographics

  • Quick and easy access to land and property information from member countries.
  • Easy access from your desktop computer or laptop.
  • Retrieval of information online, direct from official land registers.
  • A service built and supported by official land and property organisations.
  • EULIS does not process or manipulate the information; it simply facilitates access.
  • Information about the environment for land registration in the local environment.
  • A glossary tool to help with understanding of terminology.

Need any further convincing? View a demonstration of the service

Or view our registry comparison chart, which aims to show users key information regarding conditions for each member country’s register.

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