Eric Matulis

Hi, I’m Eric Matulis, and welcome to my blog Eulis. I am an environmental biologist, originally from Lithuania but I have been living in Yorkshire, UK since I was 18 years old. We moved to Rotherham when I was 13, and then I attended York University to study biology and more specifically natural science, and I never left. I learned so much about the Earth and all its core properties and it just made me more passionate about protecting the planet. Most of my days are spent in the lab but occasionally I get to do fieldwork which could send me anywhere across the world.

Other than work I have a fiance who also works in the labs with me and we have a golden retriever called Bongo, therefore we spend a lot of time in the Yorkshire countryside on walks with the dog and it gives us chance to experience nature every single day. My parents have since moved back to Lithuania because they were missing their home and we only initially moved over because of my tÄ—tis (dad’s) work relocation. However, I don’t remember too much from those days so I still love being in England so I intend to stay and carry on with my research.


The name of my blog comes from my first name and last name pushed together, and I thought it sounded really cool, it’s like one of those things you do in school where you try to find your French name or something like that. This blog is my little way to spread the word about how cool science can be and why we should all be interested in saving our planet from the devastating effects of global warming… but I obviously write it in a less dramatic and more fun way! The blog is going to be focused on my field of science, which is natural science, but I will also be talking about the environment and cool facts about laboratories and science in general.

This blog is absolutely not meant to sound like I am preaching to you but I am simply just passionate about everything that I am writing about so if you also enjoy these things or are intrigued by the topics I talk about then I hope that you enjoy it.